oh, so you're a macross fan too?

The truth is that I don't know how to begin this section. This is my first shrine ever if you don't count some random spanish shrines I tried to do in the past and that I never actually uploaded to the internet, so I'm pretty happy that I was able to complete it... well, kind of.

In few words, Alto's is my absolute favorite character from Macross Frontier, starting with his looks, personality and also his voice. The fact that Youkyan's his voice actor helped a lot to be sincere. If you ask me why I like him so much, maybe it's 'cause I really admire how he leaves everything in order to pursue his dreams. Such a difficult decision, how he's able to survive even after so many problems and difficult situations it's something I will never stop admiring from him. Alto can be an asshole, stubborn and self centered guy, but he also has a golden heart and cares a lot about his friends, an important thing to me when it comes to favorite characters.

I need to thank Aku from shinkirou.net to make this possible, not only when it comes to proofread and such, also because she gave me the motivation to start and finish this, plus helped me a lot in the process. Actually, our idea was born while talking on msn... something like: "I like Alto, you like Ranka, let's make a shrine to each one". A perfect situation to me I need to admit since I lack the skills and motivation to actually finish something in my own.

This shrine is far to be completed even if it's online right now. I'm slowing working into each section to make them way longer. Why? Principally 'cause my english sucks, and I'm not good when it comes to explain things in other language than spanish, so I'm sure I've missed a lot of important information that I'll add, eventually (plus I want to cover the movies too).