sheryl nome

Sheryl Nome, or the "Galactic Fairy" is one of the most famous songstresses in the galaxy and one of the protagonists of the series alongside Alto Saotome and Ranka Lee. Pretty confident and proud due her career and popularity, Sheryl quickly starts to develop feelings for Alto, showing them to the world without any shame, but as a joke at first. Her first encounter with Alto is thanks to his skills when it comes to flying, since alongside Michael and Luca he performed in Sheryl's first concert in Frontier.

Due her playful nature, Alto at first doesn't know whether to take her seriously or not. You can clearly tell she has feelings for him from the beginning of the series. However, even if she seems to be confident about everything, when it comes to a relationship with others she can't hide her insecurities, which comes out in jokes and pranks on him. This is mostly due her past and really difficult childhood, in which Sheryl didn't have anyone at her side before her encounter with Grace. Just as for Ranka, Alto becomes an important part in Sheryl's life and development in the series, helping her when she was going to give up on everything, even her songstress career.

This is work for professionals, go away, you beginner.

Sheryl Nome, Ep.1 "Close Encounter"

Alto's first encounter in the series with Sheryl is while she's being escorted and leaving the dome due the Vajra attack. Alto immediately comments on the fact that she's just trying to escape while there's still people there trying to save their lifes, to which she replies with only a "it's work for professionals". Alto leaves the scene pissed, but Sheryl keeps thinking about his words and telling herself that this random guy was pretty stupid. Once the Vajra finished their attack, Sheryl starts to search for one of her earrings that she lost while they were performing in her live, and remembers Alto. Without thinking about it twice, she asks Grace for more information about the guy and leaves her hotel room to search for him. Desperate, once she finds him a new Vajra attack starts, to she has to go to an emergency hole with Alto and Ranka, and there you can tell the triangle begins.

Destiny is only what you make of it!

Sheryl Nome, Ep.3 "On Your Marks"

Sheryl is aware of Ranka's talent, and somehow understands that due her playful nature Alto would never take her approach seriously, so she decides to take the long path and keep teasing him to the point in which she follows him to school. She steals one important amulet from Alto and wins some sort of date thanks to that. Sheryl later on in the series also joins Mihoshi Academy, just like Ranka, to experience school life, something that she never enjoyed before due to her past.

Sheryl Nome at Mihoshi High School Ep.8 "High School Queen"

After Galaxy's incident and just in time for Alto's birthday, Sheryl gives Alto the opportunity to go with her to Galia 4, a planet in which she's supposed to perform in front of the Zentraedi and stop some kind of war. In the end, her sickness starts to get worse and she's unable to sing, the two of them ending up as hostages who are later saved by Michael and Ranka.

n her heart, Sheryl knows about what little time she has left due her sickness and thanks to that she decides to keep on singing, but with Alto at her side always. She's scared as any human could be in her situation, but tries to keep strong to not worry the people around her, especially her love... Alto. Sheryl uses this opportunity to try and live as a couple with Alto, enjoying things that she always dreamed to have, which gave her the strength to sing in the final battle.

Sheryl Nome in Ep.18 "Fold Fame"

In the end, Sheryl's is saved thanks to Ranka because they move the virus from the head to her abdomen, earning her the same type of power as Ranka and helping the Macross Fleet to win the battle. With all her strength back, Sheryl decides not to lose and accepts Ranka's bet, in love and music.

Sheryl has an important influence to Alto in the series because her personality helped her to bring his softer side to the light, just like Ranka, but in different situations. She's the mature yet childish type of character which to a protagonist like Alto, at first is pretty annoying, but while the time passes both of them end up understanding each other.