"voice actor"

Alto's voice actor happens to be the pretty popular Yuuichi Nakamura (中村 悠一) also know as Youkyan, currently affiliated with Sigma Seven. Youkyan's pretty famous in the seiyuu fandom thanks to his talent and good work in his roles which aren't only in anime, but also in games and otome/BL cds.

Youkyan is a close friend to his fellow voice actor Sugita Tomokazu since 2001. He seems to be something like his "partner in crime" since they generally work together not only in the ~seiyuu world~, but also in programs like Tokyo Encounter and anime/games/cds related events. One of the most admirable things from seiyuu in general (and a fact that you can clearly see in him too) is that they seem to endure and enjoy (kind of) making fun of themselves, bringing entertaining material to the audience. As Alto's seiyuu, Youkyan participated in some events and even sang Lynn Minmay's famous song "Shao pai long" together with Brera's seiyuu, Souichirou Hoshi.

youkyan dressed as alto saotome in the Macross F Galaxy Tour Final in Budokan.

other works

Youkyan has worked in a lot of roles but I'll list the important ones here (under my criteria, obviously). If you want to see an extensive list, I recommend you myanimelist and animenewsnetwork!

» Anime roles

» Videogame/Others roles