ranka lee

Sharing the leadership in the series with Sheryl and Alto, Ranka Lee with her 16 years is one of the new promising songstress of the galaxy. Since she was little she loved to sing and even if she lost her memories due to shock after a Vajra attack, the song Aimo remains in her memories. Her encounter with Alto is pretty funny since she confuses him for a woman, a common mistake made due his looks. After that, their most important interaction, and also a decisive moment for the entire series, she's saved by Alto from a Vajra attack. This allows Alto to meet Ozma Lee, Ranka's adoptive ~big brother~ and ends in Alto joining the S.M.S

After few episodes, Alto begins to take an important place in Ranka's life, helping her in various situations... from saving her life to encouraging her when it comes to her dreams. In fact, Ranka is able to sing in public (and even get a manager) thanks to one of Alto's paper planes, which made her remember his words and have the courage to sing in front of everybody. After watch Sheryl's interactions with Alto, Ranka is able understand her own feelings towards him, but sadly, Alto shows no signs of wanting either of them as a girlfriend, leaving everything in blushing or pretty words.

But I'm surprised. You're so beautiful that I thought it was a woman changing her clothes...

Ranka Lee, Ep.1 "Close Encounter"

Right after Alto helps Ranka to find her way into the concert, she does the "nyan nyan" dance inviting him to the restaurant to give him the proper thanks for helping her. Alto seems to be happy and a bit confused in front of the lively Ranka, who was so excited about Sheryl's concert that she didn't even ask for Alto's name, leaving everything in mystery. "What a weird girl" was Alto's first comment about her, in such a situation.

While Sheryl was doing her concert the first Vajra attack begins, in which Ranka's cornered by one of the aliens. While she's trying to escape with all the people in the dome as it's about to be attacked, Alto comes to rescue her. Now is when their bonds start to grow, since Ranka isn't only saved by him from the Vajra attack, but he also helps her to calm down when she was starting to have a panic attack. This situation was pretty difficult for Alto who was present at the death of the VF-25's pilot, so Ranka wasn't able to give him the proper thanks again when he left right after they touched ground. Both are able to meet each other thanks to the connections they share with Ozma Lee, who happens to be Ranka's big brother, and Sheryl Nome. The Vajra attack again, and this time Alto learns about Ranka's lost memories after seeing how Ozma Lee was hospitalized due his wounds.

Alto, confused after everything that happened and frustrated since he wasn't able to do anything to save the people near him, decides to join the S.M.S after talking to Ranka at the hill and encouraging her to follow her dreams. After this, both of them keep messaging each other to know how the other is doing while fighting to make their dreams true, Ranka while doing her best at the Miss Macross contest and Alto at the S.M.S with the hard training.

You were able to join the S.M.S But it's such a hard work...
Why did you do it?

Ranka Lee, Ep.4 "Miss Macross"

lto wasn't able to watch her until the end of the Miss Macross contest but he was able to pass the test to join the S.M.S. While they're celebrating, Ranka asks him why he joined, since it's a pretty hard work, to which he replies: "I thought it was a good chance" while making a paper airplane. After that, Ranka's able to find a manager and start her career thanks to Alto and one of his paper airplanes, that helped her to have the courage to sing in front of people from a Zentraedi mall. While doing random jobs, Ranka's invited to participate in the movie "Bird Human", in which after a series of accidents, she ends up playing the role of Mao Nome. Alto was there too and since he's pretty famous due his kabuki skills, the team from the movie wanted him to participate as well. Alto immediately refuses, but in the end ends up doing the kissing scene with Ranka underwater. Being a part of the movie made him recall his kabuki days.

Alto Saotome as Shin Kudo, Ep.10 "Legend of Zero"

Due her busy schedule, Alto and Ranka don't have too much time to talk and before know it, they're far apart. While she's working hard for her debut, Alto's with Sheryl on Galia 4 as hostage. Ranka without thinking about it twice, decides to go and help, saving them from the rebellious Zentraedi, and somehow restoring the lost time for Alto's birthday. They're able to spend some time together since the system navigation didn't work because of a gigantic ship (later they discover it's Global's). Alto seems to trust Ranka to the point he allows her to fix his hair for him, and after sharing some awkward moments, Ranka ends up kindnapped. Grace uses a Dimension Eater in Galia 4, destroying it. Alto becomes enraged thinking that Ranka may possibly die, so he prepares to go and rescue her.

No, it's just this is like the first time we saw each other...

Ranka Lee, Ep.13 "Memory of Global"

While watching his comrades die, and starting to fall for his insecurities again, Alto goes to save Ranka without thinking about it, killing all the Vajra within his range of vision in some sort of rage. With the help of Brera and in front of a surprised S.M.S crew, they're able to save Ranka. Due to her contact with the Vajra, she needs to be under study. Here Ranka and Sheryl start some sort of competition, while singing for Alto in the hospital.

Ranka Lee while singing What 'bout my star? Ep.15 "Lost Peace"

Ranka is doing well with her performances and even Alto attends just as he did for Sheryl in the past. Alto's in a serious state and can't choose between the two girls because he cares a lot about both of them. Sadly, when Ranka decides to tell Alto her feelings, she sees him hugging Sheryl and ends up with a broken heart to the point that she don't want to sing anymore. On top of that, Alto tries to kill her pet, Ai-kun. At that moment, Ranka decides to leave Frontier and return her pet to his home after telling him how much she loved him.

Goodbye.... I loved you.

Ranka Lee, Ep.21 "Azure Ether"

Alto knows that he must save her, but sadly he's delayed right after Leon Mishima starts a new phase for his plans. Everyone starts to follow their own path, and Alto doesn't really know what to do. In one side there's the S.M.S., on the other side Sheryl and her health issues, and on the third side, Ranka Lee. It's not until nearly the end, in which they discover the big group of Vajra when Alto sees the giant hologram with her appearance. Thanks to their close bonds he knows that isn't the real Ranka. Merging their forces with Sheryl, the trio is able to save the Macross Fleet, but leaving the series open to any interpretations, since Alto doesn't choose one of the girls, but ends up in pretty good terms with both.