"a beautiful pilot, like a princess!"

Name: Alto Saotome (早乙女アルト)
Birthday Date: July 27, 2042 (17 years old)
Horoscope sign: Leo
Occupation: Mihoshi Academy High School Student, S.M.S Pilot.
S.M.S codename: Skull 4
Rank: Warrant Officer
Voice Actor: Yūichi Nakamura
Other: He loves to fly and make paper airplanes.

With beautiful long and blue hair, Alto Saotome is the male protagonist of Macross Frontier. At first he's only a second year student in the Mihoshi Academy trying to finish his training in order to be a pilot, but later he'll be one of the principal saviors of the fleet. Why a pilot? Since he was a kid, he always dreamed to fly in a sky without limits, something that you can't do in the Macross Frontier fleet..

Alto is well know thanks to his family and looks. He earned the nickname Hime/Alto-hime due his long hair and beautiful face (generally he's mistaken for a girl, an example of this happened with Ranka in the first episode) but even if he has these looks, his personality doesn't complement them since he's pretty distant and stubborn. He was born in a famous kabuki family, in which everyone remembers him for his famous performance in "Sakura Hime Azuma Bunsho" as Princess Sakura

But I'm surprised. You're so beautiful that I thought it was a woman changing her clothes...

Ranka Lee, Ep.1 "Close Encounter"

One of the main topics in the series is the "triangle" between Alto, Ranka and Sheryl. This gives him a lot of pressure, since he must choose just one of them. Due his tsundere-type personality, it's pretty difficult to even deal with them. It doesn't help at all that his feminine charm causes both men and women alike to mistake him for a pretty girl.