"you missed, idiot!"

Alto Saotome is the kind of man that comes off as egocentric and full of himself in front of everyone, especially his male friends. Yet when it comes to women, his softer and indecisive side comes to light, a pretty decisive aspect when it comes to the ~triangular~ relationship with the female heroines. Since he was a child, Alto has been exposed to a lot of pressure because he's the successor to the Saotome family who are famous in the kabuki world. This pressure has affected his personality, especially after a fight with his dad, since he understood that in order to follow his dreams and discover his true self he had to choose his dream over his family and acting. This said, Alto seems to use his acting talent to hide his weak and hesitant image of himself, a weakness that we can see in the episode when his father shows up at the Miss Macross event. Highly skilled in general, Alto is exceptionally good when it comes to both piloting and acting, things that help him to hide this side of himself.

Generally Alto is THE important support for both Ranka and Sheryl, helping them in times they need support or when they are in trouble, but this is not unilateral because they also have a great influence on him. The two girls drag out his more fun and unexpected side, giving him strength and motivation to follow his dreams, to break the deadlock.

If we talk about anime stereotypes, we could say that he's part of the Tsundere type or in more harsh words, he can be an asshole. Alto-hime doesn't seem to give a crap about anyone, but on the inside he cares a lot about his friends and the girls in the series. They're a very important part of his life, but he refuses to accept it in front of everyone, leaving the asshole impression for the audience. Despite the fact that girls try to approach him, Alto generally comes off as cold-natured, but it's mostly due to his innocence and inexperience in the topic. At the end of the series he doesn't decide on either Sheryl or Ranka, making all the awkward and sad moments seem to go to waste.

asshole: The word is mainly used as a profanity towards someone the speaker does not like or approve of. It may also sometimes be used to describe people who are viewed as stupid or useless or even meaningless, similar to wanker.

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