michael blanc

Marksman and bully extraordinaire, Michael is one of Alto's classmates, friend and also the one who gave him the nickname "Hime" due his looks. Everyone knows him due his player nature, which makes clear his love for women, following his motto "acquire the target" which he applies to both women and fighting. Even if for most of people they seem to be nothing more than rivals, each of them still care about the other (even if it's in the very bottom of their hearts). He's also a member of the S.M.S crew, piloting a sniper version of the VF-25G which boost his skills when it comes to long distance fights.

Michael has a love/hate relationship with Alto, since even if they're friends and classmates/coworkers, they cannot stop making fun of each other. The root of this behavior isn't clear, but due their actions seems to be due to their tsun-tsun personality, which they actually share, since they DO care about each other.

When it comes to Alto's development in the series, Michael has an important role, since he always makes clear Alto's mistakes and the truth that he always try to avoid, somehow bringing him back to earth.

Ranka-chan is obviously singing for you...

Michael Blanc, Ep.19 "Triangler"