saotome family

The Saotome, well known thanks to their talent when it comes to Kabuki, is the actual family of Alto, the protagonist of Macross Frontier. Most people say that the talent runs in their blood, since the headmaster of the Kabuki school, Ranzo Saotome is pretty talented and his son (and true heir) Alto has a unique talent, that sadly goes to waste since he left the Kabuki world.

Alto has a pretty awkward relationship with his family members. By the year 2059, Alto's only living relative was his father, Ranzo Saotome, with whom he's in bad terms with due a big fight over his dreams. His former senior, Yasaburo Saotome, seems to care a lot about Alto but moreso in regards to the acting/talent aspect.

Since he was a kid, Alto was raised under the strict rules of the Saotome family, but lived happy together with his Mother Miyu, from which he inherited his looks and the habit of making paper airplanes. Sadly, she had such a bad health that she died while Alto was in school and only 12 years old, leaving a big hole in his heart

Alto had always admired the sky since he was a kid so that's why he decided to leave aside his acting skills and started to work hard towards his dreams. Everyone keeps telling him that he's only living and acting in the moment, but even if he's good and confident when it comes to acting, Alto decides to work twice as hard in order to pursue his true dreams.

Even now, you are still acting. The part of a young man who rebels against his father by trying to become a pilot. Even now, you're drunk off playing that trite role. Please stop trying to act so tough.

Yasaburo Saotome, Ep.11 "Missing Birthday"