"please, stop lying!"

Alto's the original heir to the famous Saotome family, well know in the world due to their speciality, kabuki. Thanks to this, he's pretty good when it comes to acting and even famous due his role as the protagonist in the play "Sakura Hime Azuma Bunsho". Sadly, even if he has such a great talent, his real dream is to fly in a sky without limits, something that he repeats a lot of times in the series.

Thanks to some flashbacks, we can tell that Alto seems to be very attached to his mother, Miyo, who happens to be with him in most of them while watching him play with a paper airplane. It's impossible to be 100% sure about it, but those memories seems to have a great impact in him. Alto lacks both his mother and father in his present life, and these flashbacks generally come to him when his close friends have some type of trouble, or if he needs to make a decision about something important.

Paper airplanes are in fact, like a trademark of him (as you can tell thanks to the title/image used in the shrine) and they help in important moments to other characters as well. In the case of Ranka Lee, she's able to sing in front of unknown people thanks to seeing one of them remembering his words of encouragement.

One important fact about him is also the way he changed his speciality in school. He changed from theater to piloting, especially after the fight with his father, in which he decided to actually be a pilot instead of an actor. He's very talented in both things, but at the same time he had a hard time deciding which one to follow.

Alto playing with a paper airplane when he was just a kid, with his mother. Flashback from EP.11