Welcome visitor to paper planes a quite new and random fansite (recently the approved fanlisting too) for the sky lover, two timer, indecisive, mister "nice ass" and princess-like ALTO SAOTOME from Macross Frontier. Here you'll find a lot of information & essays (mostly random ramblings by an obssesed fan) plus some other goodies.

All the content here was written by me based on the original tv version of Macross Frontier (with english/spanish subtitles, sadly) I'm planning to add information from the movies and such once the 2nd is aired and subtitled but for now, only the series. I highly recommend you visit each section carefully (especially the essays one) since most of them are full of spoilers.

I hope all of you will enjoy this dedication, if you have any troubles, questions or suggestions feel free to contact me. More information in the site page!