trapped in the ◣

Just as music and space, the ~love triangle~ aspect of the series plays a very important role, giving Macross Frontier one more trademark to distinguish it. In fact a lot of people love this series thanks to this, while other people hate it. In few words: If there isn't a love triangle, it most definitely isn't a Macross series.

Don't get me wrong: Alto's relationship with Ranka and Sheryl isn't the only one love triangle in the series, we can see others like the one between Cathy, Ozma and Leon and also the one between Alto, Brera and Ranka (since even if they're siblings, a lot of people don't mind incest nowadays). Each one has their own features and impact on each character, but for now I'll only talk about the ones including Alto.

Alto + Sheryl + Ranka = double trouble

Unfortunately for Alto, each girl is very different from the other, making Alto's choice pretty difficult. On one side, Alto has the pure and innocent love of Ranka Lee, the little sister of Ozma Lee, a member of the S.M.S, who wants to be a singer so everyone can listen to her songs. On the other side we have Sheryl Nome's wild and adult-like love, which at first starts as a pure joke but it ends being pretty serious.

Both of the girls give Alto a very difficult time in which he generally needs to choose one over the other, or actually attempt to make both of them happy. Due his naive nature, Alto innocently ends up giving hopes to both of them, making the love triangle more and more complicated. In the end, Alto doesn't choose anyone or at least, by the end of the series this isn't clear, but both girls decide to give their best when it comes to singing and love, things that made their bonds stronger.

Alto + Ranka + Brera = knights

Their triangle isn't totally romantic to be sincere, it'd be okay to call it an ego fight or something like that. Both of them appreciate Ranka a lot and want to protect her in their own ways, but because of those intentions they end up butting heads with one another. Alto's always by Ranka's side and protecting her without thinking twice about it, but their bond isn't stronger than Brera's who protects her by instinct, since he doesn't have any memories other than Aimo's melody.

By the end of the series, the two of them finally accept each other somehow, saving Ranka and recovering her true song.