story of a guy

One of the things I like about Macross Frontier is the fact that Alto, despite being the protagonist in the series and someone well known for being perfect in everything, is able to evolve to a point which is no longer the same as before in a positive way. Later in the series he's able to show his softer side, help others and make his own dreams come true.

We should also note that being the male lead, Alto has two female characters who, though different than one another, exploit the unknown and even unexpected sides of the guy, giving this series not only serious moments, but humorous ones as well.

Alto may be a jerk in the eyes of most people, but we cannot ignore the times in which he shows how he much he cares for people. Despite this, he cannot seem to decide on a single person when it comes to the triangler. He's a clear example of the saying: "Don't bite off more than you can chew", as he tries to multi-task everyone's feelings with his own at the same time, but even so, he always tries his best.

To me Macross Frontier, besides being the typical space soap opera like the other Macross series, is a story full of possibilities. Even if they tried to make everyone happy by giving both Sheryl and Ranka the opportunity to win his heart and avoided the end of the "triangle", they did a really good job.