mecha obsession

Valkyries are his ticket to reach that far sky without limits. That said, it's pretty easy to read why he somehow seems to be pretty obsessed with his own mecha. This behaviour has lead his own fans to go as far to say, and nearly completely convince themselves, that he'll choose his variable fighter over one of the girls in the series. Why would they think something like this? Principally because Alto keeps choosing his fights over the poor girls who care so much about him.

Alto is the type of guy who lives the moment, taking advantage of the Vajra attack in the first episode to involve himself in battle without thinking about it at all. This doesn't only apply to his love for the sky, it actually applies to every aspect of his life. I don't really know if it's a good point or not, but it's part of his personality. Even if his Pilot studies weren't complete, Alto was able to use the variable fighter without any big problems, and even saved Ranka in the first episode as a completely unexperienced pilot. That opportunity let him have a taste of flying in the sky and space, reaffirming his dreams.