hime = princess

Think by now I've said more than 10 times how Alto looks like a woman, but sadly (or maybe not) it's the truth. Even if most of the characters make fun of him, his looks are a very strong point when it comes to kabuki, a perfect thing to the heir of a kabuki school.

Alto really hates when people call him "hime" (princess) or mistake him for a girl, which happens in an episode where a man offers him a dress calling him ~lady~. Even so, Alto seems to be pretty happy about his hair, especially since it remind him of his decreased mother.

Alto and his decreased mother, Miyu. Ep. X ""

I don't really mind what everyone thinks of his looks, to me they're an important charm point. He doesn't look like at a female at all in my eyes, just as a beautiful man with long hair who happens to have a shitty personality!